GOCC, GFI workers lament stunted pay hike plan

By Ali G. Macabalang

RENEWED APPEAL FOR THE STUNTED PAY HIKE. A screenshot photo of the live interview of DWIZ’s “Sulong Na Bayan” program anchor Lolly Acosta with the three officials of the KAMAGGFI on Aug. 13.

WORKERS of state revenue-generating agencies – the government-owned and -controlled corporations (GOCCs) and government financial institutions (GFIs) – have appealed to Malacañang to carry out a pay hike plan purportedly stunted for years.

They lamented that amid the freeze in the salary hike plan has deprived them “a fair share of the fruit of their labor,” claiming their lowly colleagues are receiving as dismal as P10,000 per month.

On Aug. 13, officers of the Kapisanan ng mga Manggagawa sa GOCCs at GFIs (KAMAGGFI) told Ms. Lolly Acosta, anchor of the Sulong Na Bayan daily public affairs program over DWIZ, that their concerns have been contained in an open letter they sent to President Rodrigo Duterte through the Malacañang’s Records Office.

Nanette Jarino Lati, KKAMAGGFI secretary general, said they have also lobbied with some members of Congress, notably the Senate for possible assistance in their humane clamor. KAMAGGFI is an umbrella organization of over 200 GOCCs and GFIs across the country.

Lati pointed out that police and soldiers, before their salaries have been raised on order of the President, used to look up at GOCC and GFI workers.

“This time, police and military personnel are above us in salaries,” Lati said in Filipino, pointing out that GOCCs and GFIs are generating revenues for the government and remitting 50 percent of their income to the national coffer.

GOCCs and GFIs are involved in financing public utilities and commercial activities for profit, enabling the government to earn and deliver basic services, Baldwin Sykimte, KAMAGGFI chairman and president of the employees’ association of Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. (PDI C), said

Sykimte admitted that in past decades, GOCC and GFI workers had been enjoying bigger salaries and perks until the situation turned sour in recent years.

He said the “Compensation Position Classification System” (CPCS) was drawn up by the administration of late Pres. Noynoy Aquino to streamline the compensation scale of GOCC and GFI officers and employees.

But the Duterte administration has since 2017 suspended the CPCS implementation purportedly invoking a “further review and reevaluation of GOCC employees’ salaries, allowances and other benefits,” Sykimte said.

“We are not a burden to the government. We generate revenues from our operations that support the development projects of the government,” Virginia P. Cabonce, KAMAGGFI vice chair and president of the employees association of the National Electrification Administration (NEA), said.

Cabonce said the CPCS that applies to GOCC officers and employees was approved by an executive order (203) in 2016 “to support and encourage performance driven, productive and efficient organizations.”

She said that while GOCC employees have lived up to this goal, the rewards that are meant for them by the law have not been granted to them.

The non-implementation of the pay hike plan simply means deprivation or injustice among GOCC and GFI workers, the three KAMAGGFI leaders hinted in unison.

They thanked the DWIZ station, particularly its owner-operator Aliw Broadcasting Corporation led by the late former Ambassador Antonio Cabangon Chua, and program anchor Acosta for helping them bring out their dilemma. (AGM)

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