Sulu receives 3 BARMM-supplied desalination machines

By PMT News Desk

DESALINATED DRINKABLE WATER. Sulu provincial Administrator Erwin Tan together with other civilian and military officials drink water dispensed from three desalination machines received on Aug. 29 by the Sulu government from the Bangsamoro region’s Ministry of Interior and Local Government. (Supplied photo)

PANDAMI, Sulu – Fresh from receiving a brand new fire truck from the Bangsamoro region’s Ministry of the Interior and Local Government (MILG), the provincial government of Sulu has received three desalination machines from the same agency to address scarcity of drinking water supply in three island constituent towns.

Provincial Administrator Erwin Tan, on behalf of Sulu Governor Sakur Tan, welcomed an MILG team and jubilantly received from the machines in symbolic ceremonies on Aug. 29, the governor’s information office said in a post with photos of the event.

Tan and MILG-Sulu Director Emini Kadiri alongside military officers and civilian witnesses were shown drinking water produced from the machines installed for demonstration at the turnover ceremony.

The three machines were consigned for Hadji Panglima Tahil, Pandami, and Pata island towns, with each costing 20 million pesos and capable of yielding 22,000 liters of desalinated sea water for instant drinking in eight to 10 hours of operations, MILG Minister Naguib Sinarimbo said.

Sinarimbo and Bangsamoro governance Chief Minister Ahod “Hadji Murad” Ebrahim dispatched the three machines from Polloc Port in Parang, Maguindanao on July 20. The lack of direct shipping route from Cotabato to Sulu and the neighboring Basila and Tawi-Tawi island provinces caused the 30-day receipt of the units, it was learned.

The three units were among 10 desalination machines ordered by the MILG on order of the office of the chief minister (OCM), which shouldered the costs from its emergency special funds, it was learned.

The remaining seven units were due to arrive here from a supplying firm in Metro Manila this month, and will be sent to other island towns in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi where residents have been saddled by age-old scarcity of drinking water, the Bangsamoro Information Office (BIO) said.

On August 20, Gov. Tan expressed elation over his receipt of one modern fire truck from the MILG, personally testing the water-dispensing velocity of the unit at the open ground of the Sulu provincial government building. The fire truck, consigned to the Jolo fire station, was one of five units purchased by the MILG for fire truck-less provinces in the new autonomous region.

The MILG and other Bangsamoro ministries have earlier inaugurated the completed expansion of the Jolo wharf and a freshly built Coronavirus pandemic isolation center in Sulu, and launched the construction of barangay hall edifices, each costing P28-million, in three Jolo villages affected by a fire early this year, Sinarimbo said.

“Like other provinces in the Bangsamoro autonomous region, we are seeing to it that Sulu’s LGUs will be effectively capacitated to contribute to the realization of Chief Minister Ebrahim’s ‘moral and responsive’ governance, Sinarimbo told the Philippine Muslim Today news.

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