New Mindanao group hails Sen. Zubiri to be next Senate president

As of this writing, it seems all but academic that the next senate president will be Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri after his closest rival, Sen. Cynthia Villar, in her own social media post  has thrown in the towel but has expressed her strong desire to retain her chairmanship of the agriculture committee. As such, the ADAT group, w/c is composed of Maguindanaoan socio-civic individuals, politicians & businessmen hails this welcome development owing to the fact that Sen. Zubiri is a native-born fellow Mindanaoan coming from the popular & well-respected clan in the progressive, though mostly, agricultural province of Bukidnon. Apart from the fact that the good Senator has always backed autonomy and Muslim-issue related bills since his days in the House of Representatives.

As if this was not enough, the presumptive senate president has, apparently,  acceded to neophyte & No.1 elected Senator Robin”Abdul Aziz” Padilla’s desire to head the critical committee on constitutional amendments. This comes after the first term senator has promised to push hard for the federalism initiative w/c was a cornerstone of outgoing PRRD’s campaign promise in 2016  w/c got derailed in the lower house of Congress when Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo assumed the Speakership after dislodging Cong. Pantaleon Alvarez, an erstwhile ally of PRRD, at that juncture. These two developments seem to continue & promote the Mindanao Agenda as begun by the outgoing administration. And it goes without saying, that the Vice President-elect & presumptive Secretary of the Department of Education is none other than Sara Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio, the pride of Davao City.

The ADAT group expressed great hope & prays that the unfulfilled promises of PRRD will be given due course under the watch of PBBM. They have also expressed willingness to help restart the chacha & federalism movement until its fruition, in shaa Allah! 


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