Remembering wishes for 2022

On October 13, 2021, I devoted an episode of this column to announcing five (5) wishes for 2022.


by Ali G. Macabalang

My first wish was for refinement in political maneuvers in our communities; the second was for settlement of billions of arrears of Lasureco and Magelco with PSALM; the third was for an end in land squatting inside MSU-Marawi City campus (my Al Mater), and for faithful implementation of the P2.5-billion interconnectivity in the campus; the fourth was for MSU to end whimsical acts in recruitment and promotion of personnel ; and the fifth was national officials to give Mindanao an equitable share from the annual budgetary pie.

All such wishes are still yearning for fulfillment. Dirty politicking, I guess, even got worse. Problems about ballooning debts of Lasureco and Magelco started drawing attention only after PSALM threatened to disconnect power supply in both coops this month.

There is no update report yet on the P2.5-billion interconnectivity and distant learning projects inside MSU campus. New MSU President Basari Mapupuno, my frat brother, will hopefully look into the project status and announce his findings.

I hope to visit my Alma Mater soon and elicit pronouncements from Brother Basari on his policy for recruitment and promotion system, and on his approach to stop the trend of mushrooming of unauthorized houses inside campus.

I would also want to personally convey to him my decades-old advocacy for the MSU system, at least the main campus, to replicate the programs of other state universities like the U.P. in annual awarding of exemplary alumni to inspire graduates of the MSU system in faring with other professionals from other schools across the country.

Equally, I am eager to convey to Atty. Mapupuno is the essence of making the MSU system a producer of active journalists, especially among the Bangsamoro community of students.

The MSU system has already produced hundreds if not thousands of other professionals like lawyers, physicians, engineers, teachers and so on. But it has a nil record of producing journalists despite having established an institute in the univrsity for mass communication.

I hope to see my wishes fulfilled in the twilight of my career. Allahumma ameen.

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